the body shop

while I was in austin today, I couldn’t resist treating myself to some goodies at the body shop and the best part it the only thing I paid full price for was the reusable bag!

here’s what I got:

  • a big black dopp bag for michael to use when he is traveling
  • aloe bath oil
  • cassis rose body mist (they are getting rid of the cassis rose fragrance, but coming out with a new rose scent!)
  • eye cream for michael (because we are all getting to that age!)
  • tube shaving cream for michael that foams (he has been looking for a foaming shaving cream in a tube for traveling)
  • pomegrante body butter (I some how missed this when it was in the store, so I bought some now on clearance, with my luck, I will really like it since they are discontinuing it!)
  • the “green” reusable bag

all in all it was a good trip!!  I love the body shop!

caryn brown

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